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PA-PB-PC Guide Rolls

Heavy-duty, ball bearing based rolls suitable for high speed applications. Wide variety of material choices include PETP plastic for handling delicate products.

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Heavy duty ball bearing based guide rolls are suitable for use at high speeds. They are available in PETP plastic and other special materials of your choice. The range of materials available ensures the choice of a roll best suited to the product to be guided.

Ø – Tolerances ISO f7, f9, h9.

Witels guide roller bearings used in the rollers are generally sealed or shielded on both sides and are lubricated at the factory with high-quality lithium soap grease and extremely adhesive oils which assure a life-lubrication. These rolls are available in diameters of 20mm up to 110mm diameter in customer needed lengths.

In the case of very unusual working conditions like: low and high temperatures, high speed, humidity, chemical fumes or dust, it is possible to re -lubricate the rollers or possibly to use other kinds of grease. The lubricating oils are normally used from -20 °C to +140 °C. This high quality and robust designed roller is suited for wire applications but also is used for tubing, cable and other materials. Witels uses bearings in the rollers made of high quality ball-bearing-steel: 100 cr 6.

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