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Witels Albert wire guides, tube guides, strip and flatwire guides, cable guides, wire rope guides and profile shape guides move raw material from coils to straightening, drawing, or forming machines maximizing efficiency and preventing raw material damage. With more than 15 models designed to suit a variety of manufacturer’s needs, Witels Albert roller guides feature:

  • Hardened steel rollers, 62 Rockwell C
  • Choice of roller coatings include rubber, PETP and others
  • Ability to handle material diameters 0.1 mm to 250 mm and more
  • Ability to handle material widths 0.1 mm to 300 mm and more
  • Various rollers, roller positioning and roller orientation for maximum guiding flexibility
  • Optional roller position indicators and pneumatic or hydraulic adjustment
  • Designs for high speed, high temperature, high load or delicate handling applications
  • Long-life rolls made to Witels Albert specifications

Witels Albert also supplies a variety of straightener accessories for ease of set-up and “repeatability” of settings. For example: quick opening/closing options, roller position indicators, locking levers, entry/exit guide pulleys, guide dies, micrometer adjustment, guards, and Witels Albert proprietary software packages that allow for automatic or semi-automatic positioning of rollers and other components.