Straightening Rolls

 Guide Rolls

Wire straightening rolls and guide rolls, and similarly designed tube, strip and flatwire straightening rolls are designed for maximum service life. Cable straightening rolls, wire rope straightening rolls, and profile shape straightening rolls are also available for a wide range of manufacturing applications. For consistently high quality, all rolls are produced by a sole manufacturer. Designed for trouble-free operation, even in high speed and high temperature applications, Witels Albert rolls and guides feature:

  • Hardened tool steel roll
  • Sizes from 4 – 250mm OD
  • Various materials including tool steel, PETP plastic and carbide
  • Custom sized grooves for a wide range of applications
  • Thicker outer rings to prevent oval squeeze and maximize life
  • High temperature lithium based lubricants to reduce wear
  • Double dust shields to prevent contamination
  • Wear resistant coatings for abrasive conditions
  • Sleeve rolls designed for extreme conditions such as high speed, load, and wear
  • Optional quick roll change axle, the WR FT “tool-less” axle, requires no tools and saves time.

Below, you will find a brief description for groups or single models of straightening rolls and wire guides or guide rolls, and some of their applications. Please, if you need assistance choosing the right straightening roll or wire guide roll, please give us a call at 1-410-228-8383 or contact us here.

WN / WK Straightening Rolls: All have high load needle bearings with standard “V” groove. Custom sizes and groove profiles available. If you will tell us the size and type of material you are handling, we will suggest a “custom-fit” straightening roll.

PA, PB, PC Guide Rolls: Heavy-duty, ball bearing based rolls suitable for high speed applications. Wide variety of material choices include PETP and Polyurethane plastics for handling delicate products.

FA, FB, FC Guide Rolls: Heavy-duty, ball bearing based guide rolls are well suited for high speed applications. Available in a variety of materials, including corrosion resistant materials for use in high humidity areas.

WR HS high speed guide rolls
WR HL rolls for heavy loads. SEE MORE IN OUR CATALOG.