WA - Kapitel 02.indd

Witels Albert wire straighteners, and similarly designed tube straighteners, are specially crafted to save set-up time, reduce raw material scrap, decrease downtime and produce consistent end product each and every time. Our most popular wire straighteners are found in the ER product line, while our most popular wire straightener option is the quick close/quick open feature.

Heavy duty straighteners can have a manual or hydraulic quick close  feature to make loading and unloading wire easier.

  • Roll or rotary configuration
  • Ability to handle material diameters up to 35mm
  • Variety of rolls in quantities of 3 to 14
  • Roll arrangements include single plane, double plane and more
  • Fixed, partially adjustable and separately adjustable rolls
  • Sleeve rollers for high speed, high temperature, high load or abrasive applications
  • Long-life straightening rolls made to Witels Albert specifications