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Model SPR tubing/control line straightener

Model SPR is commonly used for control line or tubing straightening.

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Handheld straighteners from the new SPR 5 and SPR 7 series offer the needed forces and bending moments for manual continuous straightening processes on construction sites, whether the process material or the straightener is fixed in place.

Model SPR is commonly used for control line or tubing straightening.  As long as a relative movement in between the process material and the straightener with the straightening rolls adjusted, the curvature will change over the process material’s length.

The advantages of the continuous process in comparison with the discontinuous process by three-point-bending, which is still very common on construction sites, is the increased final product quality and the much higher productivity.

This high quality and robust design is suited for material diameters from nearly 3mm to 13mm OD in two different sizes. All the four SPR designs come with parts made of non-corrosive materials only and can produce a very high power density.

The small dimensions, the lightweight design, the quick opening/closing mechanism and the robust handles of each handheld straightener SPR series guarantee an easy handling. Manage your manual straightening processes with handheld straighteners SPR series from WITELS-ALBERT-USA which are built in the German tradition of high quality.

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